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  • Our new dog.

    The Perfect Pup staff has been so helpful throughout the process of finding our dog. They were knowledgeable of the different breeds and helpful with what we were looking for.


  • Love this place!

    We were lucky enough to find not one, but TWO perfect pups here. Our girls truly are the best dogs we've ever had. Chris, Christine, and Jake are all wonderful to work with and are genuiniely interested in seeing their pups come back to visit. We highly recommend The Perfect Pup over other puppy stores!

    Carl, Julie, Jackson, Lola, & Coco

  • Love at first sight

    My fiance and I have been in search of our - Perfect Pup - We're from the Wood Dale area and have looked at places all in our area never finding even the store we would want to purchase from let alone the puppy we wanted. When you go to a lot of these other places the dogs are kept in small cages, hot environments - just not a good vibe from these places. Their dogs also seemed to be very aggressive (maybe a product of a puppy mill??) The second we walked into The Perfect Pup Store we were happy. All the dogs were clean, happy, and so friendly!! The staff is just waiting to give you information but never felt pushy about getting you to buy. The dogs are continuously pet & played with making for a social dog. We haven't purchased a puppy as of yet... Waiting to hear about a Brindle French Bulldog... but you can bet we will be buying our little guy here! Thank you ~

    Greg & Kristin L

  • Truely Perfect Pup!!

    The staff is hands down the best there is when it comes to purchasing a new part of your family! They are knowledgeable and easy to talk to! The store is always clean, the services are always impeccable, and the puppies are always perfect! Thank you!

    Scott, Jessica, Vivian, and Tonka

  • The best pet store ever

    This is not your typical pet store where the puppies are locked up in glass/wire cages. The puppies are constantly being tended to and played with. We still bring our dog back for visits (and bathing). Everyone who works here is extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and caring about the welfare of their puppies. The puppies are carefully chosen from breeders and they don't accept puppies from puppy mills. We would (and have) recommended The Perfect Pup to everyone.

    Julie S

  • The Perfect Pup (pun intended!)

    My little sister and her friends used to go into this store all the time to look at all the puppies. One weekend when I was home, she forced me to come with her to see this one adorable teacup Yorkie. I wasn't planning on buying a puppy anytime soon but the second I saw him I fell in love. I stood in this store for OVER 2 hours trying to put him down or make the decision to buy him. The employees were fabulous and attentive my entire 2 hours of being there! They sat with me while I made my decision and went through the responsibilities and time commitment of having a new puppy. They were sincerely concerned with the well being of the puppy versus the chance to make a sale, which is an important quality because it shows how much they care about the dogs they have! In the end, I ended up buying him and I have never made a better decision. He has the most amazing and energetic personality, not to mention he is the cutest animal I have ever seen. After I bought him, the employee who sold me my puppy, Reese, gave me his business card and told me to call him at any point in time if I had any questions about him (regardless of what they were). It was nice to know I had the support of the employees at the Perfect Pup there to answer questions for me if I needed help, as this was a very big and impulse decision for me! And I now have Reese who is the most important thing in my life!!


  • Best PuPs and Staff ever!!!

    We continue to be impressed with your standards and high values of Puppy Health and the care, concern and continued friendship for the pups and their new families! Dori loves coming back on a regular basis for her "pampering" by Katie and "sister" Sadie loves the attention you all give her as well! We Enjoy Chris,Christine, Jake and Katie and the trusted business ethics they demonstrate.

    Jake & Judy W, Dori (Perfect Pup) and Sadie(Alpha Dog)

  • We got out perfect pup here :)

    After looking at many pet stores and driving thousands of miles to look at dogs from breeders...we finally found our lil Maltese from here. Chris and Christine were wonderful resources and we definitely grilled them with milllions of questions especially since it was going to be our first. We could not be happier with our lil guy Macsen. We still loving going there to get max groomed and play with the lil puppies. We r discussing a second dog now...and once the decision is made we know where to get him from. Thanks guys! U r awesome!

    Mike, Max and Agata

  • This place is wonderful!

    We have gotten 2 Siberian huskies from them. We highly recommend buying a dog from them. The staff is very compassionate, and always there if you have questions or need anything. Best place to add a addition to your family!

    Meghan B

  • Thank you!!

    Thank you Perfect Pup for our pampered little princess Fifi! She is the sweetest little yorkie I have ever seen. We love spoiling her! We come back and visit often because the atmosphere there is quite friendly and the dogs are always adorable!

    The Underhiles

  • Charlie

    I got a Llapsa-poo from here around September and he is the most adorable and most quirky dog i know. He has been amazing addition to my life.


  • Wonderful Place, Wonderful People !!!

    We had been visiting this store for quite sometime and when we moved into our new home we finally purchased our first Puppy from them. Our Chiweenie Harley is a awesome Puppy, with such a big personality. Thank You so much!! We knew he was the one after our daughter fell in love with him and you made the process so quick and easy so we could surprise our daughter with him !!

    Rocky & Bethany R